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Open Your Voice Open Your Heart

Kavita’s transformational movement and vocal opening workshop!

**Unfortunately this needed to be postponed to SPRING 2019. Shifts in the Bhakti calendar in the Pacific Northwest so I can support my brother Matura Seva’s family and community with kirtan offerings in Eugene Dec 1st and Dec 9th.

Please be in touch for the March 2019 Open your voice ~ Open your heart retreat!!


We have inside of us the most magical instrument of all… our VOICE! As part of the fabric of this life each one of us has a particular part to sing and play.

If we leave our voice out of the beautiful tapestry of sounds around us, there is something missing from the whole! In this culture many have grown accustomed to allowing the incredibly life-giving practice of singing to be left to those who are pop stars or who supposedly the ones that have a ‘good voice.’

It is so common to hear the stories about parents, or teachers saying something to break a young person’s spirit or keep them from continuing to sing as they grow or in some other way disregarding the fact that music and singing is for EVERYONE!!

It is time for us all to re-write these stories. The real and authentic expression of each one of us through the voice is VITAL and interesting for all.

Through group exercises, movement, songs and lots of connecting and support, join Kavita as she guides us to unpack our stories and allow for the softening of our self critic and the opening of our own path to voice.

DEC 1-2 - location & restration details TBA !! - near Portland, OR. get in touch with Kavita for more info / to be put on the list!