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Kavita's Background & Lineage

Kavita has taught yoga now for 19 years and thanks her teachers for their guidance and wisdom.  Immersing herself in dance & physical theater as a young adult Kavita came to yoga when her teacher began class with an asana inspired warm up.  It felt like a breakthrough.  

From Los Angeles Kavita moved to New York where she immersed herself in yogic teachings at Jivamukti Yoga and became a teacher herself.  There Kavita was introduced to Mantra & Kirtan practice as well as Indian Classical music which became her deep passions.

Now living in Portland, OR with her son, Kavita teaches individual and group classes in person, via Skype & at festivals, retreats and gatherings.  Her current musical offering "Open Heart Kirtan" is a blend of traditional chants presented with a mix of western and Indian musical influences. Her “Open Your Voice~Open Your Heart” workshops combine Kavita’s cathartic performance training with Bhakti practices to allow a softening of the inner critic and an opening to authentic voice.

Indian Classical Music

Concurrent to Kavita's yoga teacher training in NYC, she met and began to study with musician and composer Michael Harrison, a western disciple of Guru Pandit Pran Nath.  Through Michael Kavita was led to study with other great senior disciples of Pandit Pran Nath including Sri Karunamayee, formerly of the Sri Aurobindo ashram in Delhi, who Kavita made a pilgrimage to India to study with.  It was Karunaji who gave Kat the name Kavita, which means "muse or poet."  Other prominent teachers that have transmitted their teachings to Kavita include the master singer of the Kirana Gharana Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan, as well as senior disciple of Pandit Pran Nath Rik Masterson. Kavita currently studies with internationally recognized vocalist and composer Warren Senders.

Sri Karunamayee speaking with Marcus Boon (Ascent Magazine 2002)


kavita playing tambura

kavita playing tambura